We believe education

is a basic human right.

Dream: Success is a nonprofit bringing opportunity to the developing world and unleashing human potential through the power of education.

A brighter tomorrow

begins with a Dream.

We’ve come a long way from the eleven year olds who Dreamed of changing the world. Throughout our journey, we’ve realized the importance education has served in our success and are now focused on affording others the same opportunity around the globe.


100% Promise

We've made a commitment to ensure that 100% of the public's contributions go straight to the field with the help of The Spiral.


We believe in transparency: that includes what we've nailed, areas for improvement, and everything in between.

Meet the Founder

At just eleven years old, our founder set out to create an organization unlike any other: a charity for kids, by kids.

Read our blog to stay updated on how we’re bridging the global education gap with field stories, donor highlights, and much more.