Our Story

The Power of a Dream

It began as a pact. A pact to bring my friends and I together to help others in the community. Students at Highland Middle School, some friends and I came together in December of 2011 to host a toy drive for families in need during the Christmas holiday at Cook Children’s Medical Center in Fort Worth. We noticed that the impact we were able to make through a small gesture had the ability to expand into something larger. From that point forward, we established a board of directors and worked with an amazing attorney who helped us file the legal paperwork necessary to found an official nonprofit organization, Charitable Crusaders Inc.

Today, Charitable Crusaders is committed to implementing strategic programs that we feel will have the utmost impact in local communities. An example includes the Feeding our Future Project in which Crusaders’ volunteers assemble meal packs and distribute them to students at local schools who lack nutritious food over the weekend and other school holidays.

Through our work, we have learned a lot. We’ve learned that by working to empower local communities, we are able to cultivate a stable foundation for the success of individuals and families, especially in our youth. From our founding, we have always put an emphasis on our youth, the future leaders of our world. Specifically, we work to bridge the gap between their situational circumstances and their fullest potential through enrichment and empowerment.

Over a Summer trip to Dubai, I recall sitting in the backseat of a taxi, looking out and seeing a sign that said, “What if everyone reached their fullest potential?” This question inexplicably stuck with me and inspired me to empower others to follow their dreams and never give up on what they are passionate about. In the end, what matters most is that you are living life to the fullest and helping others in anyway you possibly can!

Join the Crusade,

Ryan Almusawi
Founder, President, & CEO