Our Dream Team

Meet the Dreamers behind it all.

Founder & CEO

Ryan Almusawi

Favorite School Subject: Science

At the age of eleven, Ryan started a nonprofit called Charitable Crusaders, which worked to alleviate the impacts of poverty on local communities through various programs. An example is Slay Hunger, an initiative that worked to partner local food-related businesses with homeless shelters so that leftover food could be donated to hundreds of homeless citizens. As Ryan got older, he realized poverty was a symptom of a much deeper-rooted issue: the lack of access to quality education. This prompted the rebrand to Dream: Success, and a new commitment to tackling the world’s education crisis. Ryan is currently an undergraduate Business student at the Univesity of Texas Permian Basin.
Digital Artist

María Rodriguez

Favorite School Subject: Spanish

Growing up, María was always told by her parents that receiving any form of education was a blessing. Because of that, she pushed to succeed academically and is now a student at the University of Texas at Austin as a rising junior studying public relations with a minor in business. If she's not studying or on social media, she is giving virtual campus tours to prospective students where she discusses not only what UT offers, but also what education has to offer and how blessed we are to have it! A major fun fact about María is that she is allergic to all fruits and uncooked vegetables and is currently going through immunotherapy to have those foods again! Despite this, she loves to see her family and friends eat fruits and uncooked vegetables and will one day enjoy her smoothie bowl and salad!
Chief Operations Officer

Joyce Kabwe

Favorite School Subject: Art

Having been raised in a Congolese immigrant household, Joyce has grown up knowing the value of a good education. The stories of her culture, as well as her own experiences, inspire Joyce to serve others and give people the same opportunities that she has been blessed with. Joyce is majoring in supply chain management and minoring in marketing at the University of Texas at Austin. With that, she dreams of growing Dream: Success and her for-purpose clothing brand, Munia, into sustainable businesses that empower people worldwide. One thing Joyce is known for are her massive burps, however, she always manages to put a smile on people’s faces (through other means than loud bodily functions).
Digital Artist

Gracelyn Prom

Favorite School Subject: Psychology

Throughout her life, Gracelyn has always felt that her purpose was to help others in any way that she can. She decided that the best route to achieve her Dream of helping shape a society that is equally accommodating and comforting to all people was through the pursuit of higher education. Thus, she is now a student at the University of Texas at Austin, majoring in neuroscience and sociology and minoring in forensic science. Knowing that her acquisition of education is, unfortunately, a privilege, she graciously joined Dream: Success as a Digital Artist in hopes of bringing society one step closer to worldwide education accessibility. When not focusing on school, you can find her enjoying the outdoors or being cooped up inside binging anime.
Video Lead

Anna Mendiola

Favorite School Subject: English

With a passion for storytelling, Anna has dedicated her time to understand what it means to create enjoyable and informative content. Aware of the lack of diversity in entertainment and media, Anna created a multimedia platform known as View in Color, which works to provide people of color opportunities of media exposure that other platforms fail to provide. Anna is currently a Radio-Television-Film major at the University of Texas at Austin while minoring in Communication and Social Change. In the future, she hopes to create content that provides new perspectives on various issues around the world.
Digital Artist

Mackynzie Kiester

Favorite School Subject: Math

Mackynzie has been doing volunteer work since elementary school. Some of her more recent experiences include being on the Junior Board for the Dallas Holocaust and Human Rights Museum. She loves to help communities in whatever way she can. She graduated high school at 16 and is now working on earning her Associates of Arts from TCC in one year. She plans to transfer to a four year university to major in Society, Ethics, and Law for a career in humanitarian work.
Our Cheerleader


Favorite School Subject: Outdoor Adventure

Woof, woof, woof!